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I started my artist journey when I was 12. My desire to know everything was so big. I was so hungry of knowledge and ready to try all kinds of art, I decided to travel, learn, paint and listen to music. So I moved from Lithuania to France, from France to Singapore, from Singapore to USA.

But every time I went back to the beginning. It was like the ouroboros. My hunger was so great that it took me 20 years to see the way of truth and finally calm down. Under the whole painting, stained glass, art therapy practice, today I returned to the serpent's head,from what I started. Finally I realized that all the explorations confirmed my chosen preferred one technique: watercolor and Chinese ink on the paper.

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    Aušra Jankauskaitė-Conrad

    • Born March 3, 1974 in Kaunas.
    • In 1991, graduated from Kaunas J.Naujalis‘ Art School with a diploma in graphic arts.
    • 1993-1997, studied at Kaunas Art Institute of Vilnius Academy of Arts, Department of Graphic Arts under supervision of professor Edmundas Saladžius.
    • 2002-2005,studied at Arras (France) School of Fine Arts, Faculty of Stained Glass.
    • Since 2004, member of Paris Artists‘ Association.
    • 2001-2015, lived and created in Lille (France), taught drawing and stained glass at Arras School of Fine Arts, Artdies Gallery, private Terre et Feu Art School.
    • In 2011, opened Galerie-Atelier d‘AUSRA in Marc en Baroeul, France and worked until moving to Singapore.
    • In 2015, established French Stained Glass company in Singapore.
    • In 2016, moved to Ohio State, USA.
    • Since 2000, presentedat more than fifty art exhibitions in France, Belgium, Singapore, USA and Lithuania.
    • During the last decade, Aušra has connected art with music looking for ways to reveal music rhythm in graphics. She has presented a number of painting performances at Lille National Symphony Orchestra, Dayton (USA) Philharmonic Orchestra and Asian jazz groups concerts.
    • In 2009, she produced the first series of graphic paintings influenced by music, called “Lines of Orchestra”.
    • The rhythm of music represents a graphic line, and when you look at it, you can hear it,“ she says.
    • Most recently, Aušra has sought a new creative niche by combining traditional Lithuanian graphics with vibrating French painting and Asian calligraphy techniques.



    © 2018 Copyright. By AUSRA

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